Grand View Ship Hotel Tribute - 4

Here are four 1952 postcards of the interior of the Ship Hotel. First, the entrance to the Coral Room cocktail lounge:

The interior of the Coral Room:

The banquet room:

And the main dining room:

I'll be adding more interior shots as I find them.

For more postcard views and other information about the Ship Hotel, including links to newspaper articles about its demise, visit Brian Butko's tribute page. Brian is also the author of The Lincoln Highway: Pennsylvania Travelers Guide (2d ed. 2002), an indispensable resource for road trippers and armchair travelers alike. As an added bonus, the cover of the new Second Edition is a marvelous color candid shot of visitors at the Ship Hotel, taken in 1950.

Additional information:
Lincoln Highway Association
Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor

Happy traveling!

-- Doug Pappas

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