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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Now I'm a Shill for MLB!

My cretinous correspondent from the pension suit thinks he has me figured out. On the Web site created to drum up support for the dismissed action, he writes:

"You can see from his article on the pension plight that he did not do his homeowrk and only wrote these two ill-informed articles to curry favor with MLB. Assuming he is a wannabe friend of the MLB attorneys (the real MLB attorneys, not ones who hide behind a hardrive), this hanger-on, this outsider is trying so hard to be recognized and get in the good graces of MLB that he will stoop to calling peers an "embarrassment to the legal profession" even though this lawsuit not only has merit, but the presiding Judge said the alums were morally in the right. He not only writes, but tells anybody who cares to listen that the pension lawsuit is a joke, the attorneys for the alumni are a joke, and that the alumni are tantamount to beggars looking for an undeserved handout. All this to be chummy with real MLB attorneys, guys with class like Rob Manfred.
I think I struck a nerve...

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