Monday, May 4, 1992...

A generally uneventful day, which unfortunately left me behind schedule. First stop: Ottawa, IL, site of the first Lincoln-Douglas debate, commemorated on the town square.

Lock 15 and Illinois River, Illinois & Michigan Canal

Then visited Starved Rock State Park -- or rather drove through several sections, for at least 40 minutes, before finally stopping for a photo opportunity at the Corps of Engineers' visitor center, where a river barge was navigating the canal bypassing a dam. Several miles later, the next-to-last lock of the long-abandoned Illinois & Michigan Canal was preserved.

US 6 near Oakland, Iowa

Then continued, on typically uninteresting midwestern roads, past Quad Cities. The road improved in Iowa -- or rather the scenery did, as the towns grew further apart and the views grew grander if not always more interesting. Drove past the Amana Colonies, into Des Moines (stopped to photograph the State Capitol and adjacent veterans' memorials), and across western Iowa, stopping for the night in the same Council Bluffs motel I had occupied barely a month ago.

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