Saturday, May 16, 1992... Since Dan and I stayed up until 5 AM talking, the rest of the day was a de facto rest day. The one activity: videotaping an opening and closing scene for the combination Route 66/Visit Old College Friends video I planned to create on the next big trip.

The opening scene was set in Dan's office. I arrived in town, found him alone in the otherwise-empty News-Leader newsroom, and breathlessly explained how I had quit my job and planned to spend the summer Seeing America. He gave it a one-star review: trite, derivative, done much better by others. For the closing scene we returned to his apartment and hung an enormous Confederate flag in his living room, where I "showed him what I had seen along the way." He found the characters too bizarre for an audience to accept and suggested I do the whole trip over.

Left Richmond after dinner, driving to northern Maryland to continue the US 1 trip. I'll finish 60 over a weekend...

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