The American League of Professional

Baseball Clubs






Article I. This league shall be and is hereby designated as "The American League of Professional Baseball Clubs."




Article II. The objects of this League are:


(1) To perpetuate baseball as the national game of the United States and to surround it with such safeguards as to warrant absolute public confidence in its integrity and methods.


(2) To protect and promote the mutual interests of the members of the League and the baseball players having contractural relations with such members.


(3) To establish and regulate the baseball championship of the American League and the series of games which the baseball clubs of the League members, or any of them, may play with other baseball clubs.




Article III.  Section 1.  Throughout the period of the existence of this League all of the obligations and responsibilities set forth in the constititution, including any amendments thereof, shall be in full force and effect and binding upon the present members of this League and such other   corporations as may hereafter become members of this League.


Eight Clubs to Compose League


Sec. 2. This League shall consist of eight members each of which shall be a corporation conducting a professional baseball club located in the following cities, to-wit; Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland, New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington, or in such other city or cities as this League, under this constitution or any amendment thereof, may from time to time determine; but in no event shall there be more than one club in any city, or more or less than eight clubs in the League.

No member of the League, either by itself or through its officers, stockholders, or otherwise, shall be or become interested by means of stock-ownership or otherwise in any other member of the League, or in the conduct or operation of more than one baseball club in the League. No member of the League, either by itself or through its officers, stockholders, or otherwise, shall loan any money to any other member of the League, without first making to the League a full disclosure of the facts pertaining to such loan, and obtaining the consent by a majority vote of the League to the making of such loan.


                                                        Admission to Membership


Sec. 3.  Admission to membership in this League shall conform to the provisions of the agreement for reorganization of this leaguie of date February 16, 1910, as subsequently amended or modified.


                                                     Withdrawal from Membership


Sec. 4.  Any member of this League shall have the right to ask the League for permission to dispose of its rights and franchises as a member of this League to an organization in its own or some other city.  In the event of this Leauge giving its consent, such new organization shall be admitted to membership provided it shall assume, together with the rights and franchises of the retiring member, all the liabilities, responsibilities and obligations entered into by said retiring member as a member of this League, except so much thereof as the League may permit to be excluded from such assumption and shall file with the president of this League a writing so providing:  provided, however, that it must be understood by the retiring and the new member and by them agreed with the League, that the retiring member shall not be relieved or released from any liability, responsibility or obligation entered into by it with or to this League until such liability, responsibility or obligation has been fully paid and performed by such new member or by such retiring member.


                                                                 As to Vacancies


Sec 5.  In case a vacancy occurs in the membership of this League before or during the championship season, the President shall transmit to all the members copies of all applications for membership to fill such vacancy and the vote thereon may be taken by telegraph or mail, as determined by the President, and a majority vote of all the members then holding membership in the League will be required to admit any applicant for membership.  Such membership, however, shall continue only until the next annual meeting, or a special meeting called for that purpose, but such member shall be subject to all the rules and requirements of this League, and shall take the standing of the club of the retiring member in the then championship contest.


                                                       Termination of Membership


Sec. 6.  This League may at a meeting duly called by the President for that purpose terminate the membership of any constituent member of this League based on any one of the following grounds or reasons:

(1)        By resignation duly accepted by three-fourths vote of all members in meeting assembled.

(2)        Failure to present its team at the time and place agreed upon to play any championship game unless caused by unavoidable accident in traveling, or by some other cause for which such member is in no wise responsible.

(3)        The transfer or assignment of such number of its players as will prevent it from functioning as a member of this League.

(4)        Disbandment of its organization or ball team during the championship season.

(5)        Failure or refusal to fulfill its contractual obligations or to obey any lawful requirements made by the President or Board of Directors of the League.

(6)        Wilfully violating any provision of this constitution or legislation or playing rules  made in pursuance thereof.  This shall not include the violation of a playing rule by a player of a member, unless such member caused or induced the player to violate such rule.

(7)        Disposing of a player to a club or organization not a member of this League, unless by the unanimous consent of all members of this League.

(8)        Allowing betting or pool selling upon its grounds or in any building thereon or in any building owned and/or used by it in connection with the playing of baseball games.

(9)        Offering, agreeing, conspiring or attempting to fix the result of any game of ball or failure to immediately expel any manager or player who shall be proven guilty of offering, agreeing, conspiring or attempting to fix the result of any game of ball, or of being interested in any pool or wager thereon.


                                                           Expulsion of Members


Sec. 7.  Before the membership of any member may be terminated for grounds or reasons set forth in Section 6 of this article, the President of this League shall notify such member and each of the constituent members in writing advising them of the grounds or reasons for such termination and fixing the time and place for the hearing thereon.  Said hearing may be continued from time to time at such place or places as the League may determine.  Full opportunity shall be given to both the member complained against and the League for the presentation of all evidence bearing thereon.  The League shall make its findings and decision which shall be binding upon all members of the League; provided, however, that before any membership can be so terminated, six members of the League must concur in such findings and decision.


                                                        Fining in Lieu of Expulsion


Sec. 8.  Upon conviction for any of the offenses prescribed in Section 6 of this Article, as causes for expulsion, this League may in lieu of expulsion impose such a fine as shall be considered commensurate with the offense and injury, which fine may be made payable, in whole or in part, to any other member or members as compensation to such member or members for damages sustained by it or them by reason of such act or acts of omission or commission by such offending member.

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