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Hi, I'm Doug Pappas. I've been chairman of SABR's Business of Baseball Committee since its founding in 1994.

This Web site collects my writings on the business of baseball. I've written numerous articles for the Business of Baseball Committee newsletter, Outside the Lines. I also write for Baseball Prospectus; Boston Baseball and occasionally for ESPN.com. In 2001-02 I posted additional commentary here about the 2001-02 labor negotiations and MLB's attempt to contract. I've recently started a weblog containing shorter commentary and news of site updates.

For the benefit of researchers, I've also collected some hard-to-find data in downloadable form, as well as selected useful links to, and an online bookstore for, other items related to the business of baseball. Most recently, I've added a new section for guest articles and commentaries. There's also a collection of baseball photos.

Doug's Business of Baseball Weblog.

Table of Contents
Feature Articles (Mostly SABR)
Boston Baseball Articles
2001-02 Labor and Contraction Commentary
Data Downloads
Web Links
Guest Articles and Commentaries
Baseball photos
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