Great Moments in Prognostication

February 3, 1949 TSN: Thomas McMahon of N.W. Ayer advertising in Philadelphia, predicts that televised baseball may be a passing fancy: "After the novelty wears off, McMahon pointed out, the owner of a TV set would find it too great an eyestrain to focus on a small screen for two hours at a time to watch a ball game."

4/3/71 TSN: "It would appear that the ball clubs have reached the limit beyond which they cannot go without risking financial suicide." -- Lee MacPhail, speaking at a time when less than 1/4 of Major League Baseball's revenues went to player salaries. Two weeks later, TSN quotes Dodger player representative Wes Parker: "If I were an owner, I would permit salaries to go only so high, then get rid of my big money men and use younger players. . . . I don't think the owners have so much money that they can keep throwing it around."

Compiled by Doug Pappas. All rights reserved.
Originally published in the Winter 1996 issue of Outside the Lines, the SABR Business of Baseball Committee newsletter.

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