Thursday, April 16, 1992...

As I'd feared, it was raining when I woke up. One look at the radar on the Weather Channel made clear this was not going to be a carefree travel day: rain was forecast throughout Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. In light of this obstacle, I decided not to continue the US 6 preview past the intersection with I-79, and to do everything possible to ensure I could cover US 41 from Copper Harbor, Michigan to Milwaukee tomorrow in time to catch the 7:00 game at County Stadium. So what if I was a day and a half's drive away from Copper Harbor?

The training my bladder had received on the I-80 sprint proved invaluable today. From central Indiana to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, a distance of over 550 miles, I stopped exactly once, for refueling/dinner in Green Bay. I didn't get to my motel, the Super 8 in Baraga (still some 60 miles from Copper Harbor), until 11:45 tonight, after covering over 900 miles in almost 16 hours of driving. Didn't even try photographing or videotaping anything, which was just as well since the promised rain fell over at least 200 miles of the drive. I staggered in and soon fell asleep -- tomorrow's going to be another long day!

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