Business of Baseball Links Page

Official sites:

Major League Baseball (here's the 2000 "Blue Ribbon Panel" report in .PDF format)

Major League Baseball Players' Association

Operating rules:

League Operating Rules, by Cliff Blau: draft, waiver, option and trade rules throughout major league history

Rob Neyer's Transactions Primer: Overview of the impenetrable -- and not publicly available -- waiver, option, and similar MLB operating rules, compiled by the baseball columnist.

Economic data:

Dugout Dollars - Weblog devoted to current player salaries and contract terms, with team-by-team summaries.

USA Today searchable database of player salaries, 1988-present

Rod Fort's Sports Economics Data Directory: more hard-to-find data, from one of the authors of Pay Dirt and Hard Ball.

Forbes 2001 franchise values: independent estimates compiled by the well-known financial magazine. (Here's the same data for 2000.)

MLB's Official 2001 Economic Disclosures: Data and press releases distributed by Major League Baseball in December 2001.

Labor issues:

David Grabiner's Strike FAQ: Overview of issues from the 1994-95 labor dispute.

David Grabiner's Labor Update: FAQ about the 2002 labor negotiations.

CBA For Fans: A new site, created by two graduate students in California, with user-friendly information about Major League Baseball's labor history.

Sports business news:

Sports Business News: daily summary (actually, very close paraphrasing) of articles from dozens of newspapers and magazines.

Field of Schemes: Informative, if one-sided, summary of new stadium proposals.

General baseball reference: Incredibly useful, and user-friendly, database of baseball stats and history.

Retrosheet: Game-by-game information since 1901; play-by-play information for many recent seasons. The most detailed data ever made public.

The Baseball Index: Searchable online bibliography of over 175,000 books and articles relating to all aspects of baseball.

General baseball commentary:

Baseball Prospectus

Baseball Primer

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