MLB's Official 2001 Financial Disclosures

Here's a complete collection of Major League Baseball's financial disclosures and related documents, released in connection with Bud Selig's December 6, 2001 testimony to Congress.

No commentary from me here -- just MLB's data and the "official" spin.

All of these files are best downloaded and read in their original MS-Word format. For convenience, I've also converted them to rudimentary HTML without reformatting.

 2001 Consolidated Industry Financials (unaudited)  HTML  Excel
 Bud Selig written testimony  HTML  Word
 Jerry Bell (Twins) written testimony  HTML  Word
 Updated supplement to Blue Ribbon Panel report  HTML  Word
 Noteworthy Facts and Figures from supplement  HTML  Word
 Summary Points from supplement  HTML  Word
 Financial Information Provided to the Union  HTML  Word
 Press release: "Competitive Balance Worsens"  HTML  Word

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