Doug's Boston Baseball Columns

Here's an archive of my Boston Baseball columns since 1996. These include two special series: a six-part review of John Harrington's career with the Red Sox front office, published in 1999, and a six-part series on the new ballparks constructed since 1990, which ran in 2000.

The remaining columns (including several for the now-defunct Boston Baseball Web site) are presented in chronological order. Since a lot of what I write involves predicting baseball's future, I think it's important to give readers a chance to see how well my past forecasts have done. The lack of accountability or institutional memory is a major reason why so many people believe the owners' cries of poverty...

 Date  Subject
 April 1996  MLB's new TV deals
 May 1996  Red Sox payrolls, 1992 vs. 1996
 June 1996  Selig, Reinsdorf and the strike
 July 1996  Financial World profits/losses
 August 1996  Marge Schott suspension
 September 1996  Summary of proposed labor deal
 December 1996  Final labor settlement
 March 1997  Overhaul of MLB discipline needed
 April 1997  Jackie Robinson and the Red Sox
 May 1997  Interleague play
 June 1997  Ticket prices and attendance
 July 1997  Financial World numbers
 August 1997  MLB profitability
 September 1997  Realignment
 October 1997  Expansion teams
 March 1998  Survey of proposed changes
 April 1998  Inaccuracy of preseason predictions
 May 1998  J.D. Drew and the amateur draft
 June 1998  The folly of nostalgia
 July 1998  Lee MacPhail/Marvin Miller
 August 1998  Antitrust exemption
 September 1998  1918 World Series
 March 1999  Patriots and Red Sox stadia
 April 1999  Offseason developments
 May 1999  Red Sox vs. league payroll
 June 1999  Franchise values and "fans' rights"
 July 1999  Umpire labor trouble looming
 1999 All-Star Game  Business of the All-Star Game
 August 1999  Shoeless Joe got what he deserved
 September 1999  Umps lose their jobs
 October 1999  Postseason odds
 February 2000  Jake Powell
 March 2000  New ESPN contract
 March 2000  Ken Griffey Jr. contract
 April 2000  1999 attendance
 May 2000  Ticket prices
 June 2000  Sox finances and proposed New Fenway
 July 2000  Selig, the schedule and realignment
 August 2000  Blue Ribbon Panel - data
 September 2000  Blue Ribbon Panel - conclusions
 October 2000  Postseason trivia
 April 2001  Competitive balance
 May 2001  Ticket prices
 June 2001  Contraction
 July 2001  1981 strike
 August 2001  Power of Fox Sports
 September 2001  Preview of labor talks
 April 2002  Red Sox' new owners
 May 2002  MLB's alleged "losses"
 June 2002  Forecast for labor talks
 July 2002  It's Time for Bud to Go
 Ted Williams tribute  Ted Was a Salary Champ, Too
 August 2002  John Henry's Moment of Truth
 September 2002  Happy 10th Anniversary, Bud!
 April 2003  The Sox and the New CBA
 May 2003  Theo Knows Who's Overpaid
 June 2003  Chicago's Official Scalpers
 July 2003  Thirty Years of Salary Arbitration
 August 2003  Bud Blows His Own Horn
 September 2003  The Men Behind the Microphone
 October 2003  Series "Centennial" Is Merely MLB Hype
 April 2004  Thank You, Grady Little?
 May 2004  Red Sox Dodged a Bullet

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