Guest Articles and Commentaries

"The MLBPA's Strategic Errors," by Shayna Sigman. A University of Minnesota law professor explains why she thinks the MLBPA should have approved Alex Rodriguez's contract with the Red Sox even though it had the right to veto the deal. (Posted 12/19/03)

"Evaluating the Free Agent Class of 2002 and the Effect of Contract Years," by Don Leypoldt. Published in the Fall 2003 issue of Outside the Lines, the SABR Business of Baseball Committee newsletter; reprinted by permission of the author. (Posted 12/1/03)

Talkin' Baseball - With Three Economists and a Lawyer.
Washington, D.C. business journalist Warren Corbett's report from the April 25, 2003 Brookings Institution forum entitled "Are Baseball's Business Practices Ruining the Game?" (posted 4/27/03).

Recent Economic Literature Reviewed

Economist Larry Hadley of the University of Dayton is reviewing recent economic literature on the business of baseball. When the SABR Business of Baseball Committee site is up and running, these reviews will be posted there, where they will eventually be joined by an overview of the older literature in the field.

Review: Roger Noll, "The Economics of Baseball Contraction" (Posted 8/28/03)

Review: John Burger & Stephen Walters, "Market Size, Pay and Performance: A General Model and Application for Major League Baseball" (Posted 8/28/03)

Review: Martin Schmidt and David Berri, "Competitive Balance and Market Size in Major League Baseball: A Response to Baseball’s Blue Ribbon Panel" (Posted 8/28/03)

Review: Zenon Zygmont and John Leadley, “When Is the Honeymoon Over? Major League Baseball Attendance 1970-2000" (Posted 9/16/03)

Review: Anthony Krautmann, "Buying a Pennant in Major League Baseball" (Posted 10/4/03)

Review: Robert Baade and Victor Matheson, "The Paradox of Championships: Be Careful What You Wish For" (Posted 12/1/03)

Review: Allen Sanderson and John Siegfried, "Thinking About Competitive Balance" (Posted 5/3/04)

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