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Coming soon: "End to End on Route 66," a gallery of hundreds of photos.
Features to enjoy now:

THE SIGNS OF 66 Over 130 images of roadside
signs along Route 66
GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN Some lost Route 66 landmarks
1992 ILLINOIS MOTOR TOUR Images from the 1992 Illinois Route 66 Association Motor Tour
CENTRAL AVENUE, ALBUQUERQUE A gallery of classic motel postcards from Albuquerque's Central Avenue
THE NATIONAL OLD TRAILS ROAD 1926 Auto Club of Southern California maps of what would become the western third of Route 66
TRAVEL MAT MAPS Travel Mat maps of Route 66, 1959. Recommended for high speed connections only!

Illustrated journals from my five Route 66 drives:
June 1992 My first trip, starting with the Illinois Route 66 Association's 1992 Motor Tour
May 1999 Got to Oklahoma City just in time for the killer tornadoes...
September 1999 A speed trip, bypassing all major cities along the way
May 2001 From west to east this time...
August 2002 ...and another quickie, to collect digital images

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